Northern Spirit Voyageur Canoe Adventure
One of a kind true Canadian experience!

This adventure will take you on an unforgettable expedition to the far corners of northern Ontario to see historical landmarks, unprecedented natural wonders, and provides a one of a kind true Canadian experience.

We recommend booking your adventure for any time between June and September.

Voyageur canoes

Your guides for the day will be dressed as woodsman in 34-foot and 25-foot voyageur canoes and you will be taken back to a time of adventurous northern travelers through songs and stories. During your journey, the boats will stop at a fur trading post from the 1800s. This authentic experience is brought to life thanks to the storytelling skills of your guides and anecdotes of the time.

Lunch time

After getting your fill of sights and history, adventurers stop for lunch in front of a 90-100 foot waterfall! Not only do the falls have a magical aspect, being hidden at the bottom of the canyon. The adventure then continues on foot with a hike up beside the waterfall, where your guides will talk about boreal flora, including fruits, plants and teas – in short, everything our ancestors used to feed and heal themselves.

Return Trip

The total time spent rowing on this river adventure is approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. The return trip however, which is against the current, is done using a small engine. “No need to be in good shape!" assures your guide Mr. Bernier. "It's for all ages – from kids up to seniors, I have even had people in their 80's. For those who have difficulty walking, instead of hiking beside the falls, they will be taken closer to the front of the falls for an equally spectacular experience. It's pleasant and memorable, and that's why it's so popular." Mr. Bernier has guided groups from all over the world.


Arrive in Cochrane at your leisure and check-in to one of the many different accommodations offered. Visit our ‘Stay’ page to see a full list of what’s on offer.

Drive to the town of Smooth Rock Falls (40 minutes from Cochrane) where you will meet your guides for the day. You will then drive, with your guide in the lead, approximately 80 kilometers north on Ontario’s back country roads to the end of highway 634.

The adventure then continues with the climbing of the waterfall where the guide talks about boreal flora: fruits, plants and teas – in short, everything our ancestors used to feed themselves and heal themselves.

After spending a night in your choice of Cochrane’s many accommodation locations, you will visit the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat. The world’s largest human care facility for polar bears, you will learn about the bears who call Cochrane home.


More details will be made available upon booking.



Per adult ($80 for under 16s) and groups can vary in size, from 8 to 26 people.

Everything is included, just bring your phone or camera to immortalize the experience.

Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat

  • Family Day Pass (2 adults, 2 children between 5-11) $45.00
  • Day Pass
    • Adult $16.00
    • Seniors (65+) $14.00
    • Students (12-17) $12.00
    •  Children (5-11) $10.00
    • Children (under 4) Free

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Northern Spirit Voyageur Canoe Adventure

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