Tour to the Edge of the Arctic
The ultimate sledding experience in Canada

If you think riding the A103 trail, Ontario’s number one loop for snowmobilers, isn’t enough to fulfill your riding needs, check out our backcountry tour to the edge of the arctic, brought to you by Extreme Tours Cochrane and the Abitibi Base Camp.

Starting from Cochrane, Ontario, we will ride through Ontario’s most northern hydro damn projects, and into Moosonee. Abitibi Canyon is the furthest north you can go on a groomed snowmobile trail. From there, we will take you on a three-day snowmobile tour that will truly become the ride of your life.

Experienced Guides

The best and safest tour guides in the business, and the guaranteed friendship that is sure to last a lifetime.

Great Meals

We serve meals fit for kings and queens, with wild meats and fish on the menu, with all the fixings.

Comfortable Lodging

Staying at the lodge is such an exhilarating experience. Combined with the anticipation of what is to come the next morning? Priceless.


Cochrane to Onakawana
At Onakawana Lodge, you will experience the ultimate accommodation in Northern Ontario. There is nothing like this lodge, it speaks volumes for its guests that have already stayed there, and guests that are certain to share the same feelings that are new.

Onakawana to Moosonee and back
You will depart from your cabin and be toured to James Bay, Ontario where polar bears roam and any further, you will be on your way to the north pole to meet with Santa.

Onakawana to Cochrane
You will return back to civilization to wherever your original destination may be.

  • You are required to carry a minimum of a 10L fuel caddy per rider.
  • Bring change of clothes and basic toiletries, personal snacks, chips, and drinks.
  • You are required to have riding experience to some degree off trail.
  • Most importantly, your snowmobile must be in good running condition.


  • Price listed above is per person.
  • Includes 2 nights accommodation, 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners.
  • Riders are responsible for their own lunch on the second day in Moosonee.
  • Fuel will be provided in Cochrane, Abitibi Canyon, Onakawana, and Moosonee.

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Tour to the Edge of the Arctic

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